Zoroark VS Scizor

Zoroark vs. Scizor.


Zoroark's transformation.

Zoroark is another favorite of Yveltal96 and his first Zoroark is named Loki.


Zoroark was introduced in Generation V and was given the signature ability Illusion. The ability, while gimmicky, has proved to be useful at times. Those times include disguising him as something like Toxicroak and luring them into using a Psychic move on Zoroark. He made his first appearance in Zoroark: Master of Illusions.  Occasionally, you'l find some jackass who leads with Zoroark using Hyper Beam in Ubers, which is hilarious.

Why is it relevant to CT60?Edit

(He isn't, but he's pretty cool anyway) He has made multiple appearances in it, whether it is through discussion, or just people using his sprite to go with the number.

The LawEdit

He's owned by GameFreak or something, Nintendo maybe?