Did you just eat the toast? Are you ****ing serious bro? I made this **** with a lot of ****ing love and your *** just had to go and swallow a badass meal. I can't believe how your *** became so hungry all of a sudden but you're just ****ing full of gluttony. Dude you have a lot of ****ing problems if you're going to eat someone's toast they made with all of their ****ing heart. How would you like it if I ate your ****, huh man? You really have to go and ****ing retake elementary school like the ******* person you are. It's times like this where I wish you were starving out in the woods with the ****ing squirrels. I don't even know if you are still the smart person I knew before. What the **** bro, you just had to eat my toast. **** is about to go downtown and your *** is going there.

This article is awful, you people are awfulEdit

Hey sorry to make this shit article worse but why the hell did you self-censor the swear words? There's no filter on the wiki ~Sling