This is a depiction of your username.

You are a newb who was previously banned from SerebiiForums. You post in Count to 60 to reset the count and make everybody frown, and you also occasionally post in Gender Race.

Your postcountEdit

You have shown incredible restraint by posting in no sections that count posts since 2009. Your postcount is zero. Though your system is a little more complicated than that...

The content that you normally postEdit

You normally post when the number is close to 60, or just under the record, and utter a nonsensical phrase or two. You are the main reason we struggled getting 1295. You stopped us from getting to 600 when we were at 599.

You also reset the count when we made it to 2295.

On rare occassions it has been known for you to actually help the count by assisting lone counters through posting within 4 minutes of each post and therefore not resetting the count and satifying the no double post criteria.