Magikarp does rule...

Hi guys.

Hi guysEdit

Hi guys.

Other CatchphrasesEdit

- I feel so loved

- If he says something about Horsea it's probably me.

Competitive BattlingEdit

He has some ability and has been saying he's going to seriously get back into it for a week but he hasn't.

He made a joke team called Team Horsea and comedically beat a few people with it.


God chair it Joey, my name is not Davidé.

Hi guysEdit

Just reiterating it in case you forgot.

Other informationEdit

- He's available but won't accept your random offers because he has taste

- He is a cheeky little bugger who hasn't been banned yet, and has only received three infraction points in his tenure on Serebiiforums

- If RusselW's reading this, hahaha.

Hi guysEdit

Says this even when leaving because hi guys

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