The DragonKnight is a user on Serebii from whom we can only extract information if we ask him in the comments below. ****ing do it.


Latios Normal Coloration by Xous54

Latios is his favorite Pokemon.


  • Sports - Football/soccer, American football, and basketball).
  • Pokémon - Competitve and in game.
  • Food - He loves Italian food.
  • The Internet - He spends too much time online.
  • CT60.
  • Being a sarcastic dick. :]
  • Autocorrect - We all know he sucks at spelling. :x


  • People posting only numbers in CT60.
  • People posting the wrong number in CT60.
  • People who argue that they posted the wrong number when he corrects them for posting the wrong number.
  • Losing. He's ultracompetitive.
  • Being hungry.
  • Bad grammar. And spelling.
  • Forgetting things that he just thought of seconds earlier.
  • Not being good at something.


DK gets infracted a lot.

Q and A with DKEdit

Ask me questions here.

What is your favorite color?Edit

Dark blue.

Where are you on the CT60 top postersEdit

14th as of 2014-01-12

Who are you?Edit


DK is Serperior to you.

a) You're supposed to ask in the comments below bonehead.

b) DK is your Serperior.

SPPf MarriagesEdit

DK first married Auaria~ on the 10th of April. They are still married.

DK and Colt then agreed to marry each other, and move in with WizardTrubbish because both DK and Colt lived in states that did not allow gay marriage. (Haha, losers,) but WizardTrubbish lived in a state that did. They are stilll married.

Hummingbird decided that DK was married to her, and DK didn't get a say in the matter. They are still married.

DK proposed to Swampy, who accepted. They were engaged on the 27th of July.

DK and Britishlanguage had sex yet people don't ship them