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SPPf - The Movie

Coming soon-ish...

Also Serebii: The Movie & Serebii Forums: The Movie; It's a violent comedy to air July 18th, 2014. It's Rated PG13-ish.


Dragalge, Canada, ToeyJoey, The DragonKnight, BritishLanguage, The ImposterWizardTrubbish, Saturnidae, BNator92 and Colt45 get kidnapped and are trying to take out this dude called BatteryDrone, a top elite hacker.


•Director & Writer - Dragalge

•Everyone other SPPf member is an actor and so is Dragalge

•Rootinabox is also in it

•BatteryDrone's true identity is in the movie

•Head Artist - BritishLanguage

Will it be in 3D?Edit

We were going to but SilverChiko went blind after testing out the 3D effects.

Is it appropriate for the kiddies?Edit

No, there is a scene where Exegguturd beats up a hooker.

Some of the crap that WizardTrubbish doesEdit

He pairs Karp with somebody who isn't actually in the movie and Karp starts building a giant castle.

He then attempts to storm said castle with the help of that one guy named Dragalge.

Some of the crap that Karp doesEdit

He makes an army of sandwiches and builds a giant castle. He threatened the director with death to give him a part but he really doesn't do much.

Scene SelectionEdit

1. The Beginning to Winning

2. PAD Robbery

3. Aussie What Ya Did There

4. Free Them, Ya See

5. Declaration of Deplumation

6. What's Learned can be Burned

7. The Frank Prank

8. California's United Nation

9. P.A.D Escapé

10. Poo's Clues

11. Weapon Step-in

12. Host of the Ghost

13. Enchanted Not Granted

14. Snook Her Hooker

15. Return to Netherland

16. Chiko in Costa Rico

17. U-O-K Bro?

18. This is Just-in

19. Submarine Sandwich

20. Story of Some Glory

21. Root in Your Socks

22. Track in the Back

23. TOASTED!!!

24. Lemon Aids

25. Fres no no no!

26. Straight Up JB Punch Up

27. Mugged & Drugged

28. Ay Crumba!

29. Unleash the Quiche

30. Stuck like a Schmuck

31. SpanishLanguage

32. Internet Fret

33. The Ticket to the Lair

34. Excitable Toy

35. Grasping the Net

36. Escort PAD to the Port

37. The Deeper Thought

38. Trapped and Sapped

39. ghost_dog's escape hog

40. The True Wrath That Ain't Math

41. Bust the Robust

42. Nigh-Fallen Friend

43. Last Blast

44. Scare of the Lair

45. Celebration Obamanation

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