Sloth danger

He does this shit in his free time.



Is not relevant, but whatever.


This is his main character from Skullgirls.


He is currently married to an Arabian salamander named Jeremy.

MosuGoji and DolphinsEdit

MosuGoji harbors an intense hatred for dolphins, stemmed from a childhood incident at an aquarium. He doesn't hate all dolphins or baby dolphins.

List of things MosuGoji hates about DolphinsEdit

  • Their snout
  • Their blowhole
  • Their slick skin
  • Their brain
  • Their annoying clicks
  • Their imminent uprising
  • Their teeth
  • That they kill sharks

Other HatredsEdit

  • Squiggly lines
  • The word "mantle"
  • Paper bags
  • Plastic bags
  • Tunafish sandwhiches
  • Cocaine
  • Coca Cola
  • Sleep
  • Soccer
  • Bugs
  • BL
  • BO
  • The Imposter's impostery tactics
  • Nikomajor