The Jock Speech:

Hey *******, watch where you're ****ing going retard. I have been ****ing training my ****ing *** off for the ****ing baseball tournament and I'm not going to let some shitty and ****ing flabby kid get in my ****ing way. ...Oh I see how it ****ing is, you think your ****ing guns are off the ****ing charts? ******** my ***, these ****ing pecks and ****ing muscles here are ****ing #BAMF5Life of ****ing muscular contraction. I once ****ing saved this sexy *** chick from dying and I won the ****ing noble peace prize, all thanks to these mother****ing guns. And you did what, ****ing win some shitty 1st place prize at the ****ing science fair? Ha, you'll be ****ing lucky to get accepted into ****ing community college. You're just a shitty kid who ****ing reads boring *** books in the ****ing library all day. Me? I've won every ****ing baseball game for our ****ing school. I have it all, ****ing hot *** ****s coming to stare at my ****ing pimpin chest, the best ****ing grades and the freshest, most ****ing corvette in the ****ing car industry. My ****ing hind sight is over the ****ing roof too along with the most ****ing beautiful eyes. ****, you're just a ****ing geek with no ****ing motivation while I'm about to get ****ing accepted into the most ****ing prestigious college. I'm taking my ****ing leave now, bye *******.