Finch, or Toobworm, or Toob, or Tooby, or Toobster, or Tumbleworm, or Jeremy, is a member on SerebiiForums, who is currently one of the oldest poster's on there. He enjoys quite a few things, he says, but currently, he is drawing a blank.

List of Actions/AccomplishmentsEdit

Toob is renowned for his capability to use an excess of gargantuan words in a succinct format, although it causes some people grief. He is a relatively slow typer, so he gets ninja'd quite often. He is a strong believer in the concept of conversation whilst counting, and finds it strange when people just type numbers. He likes to keep that to himself, though. Unless he's talking with DJ about The Good Old Days. He introduced EzzPeon to CT60, he likes to think, and she is quoted saying, "All of these people are pervs." 

Noob Era (Early 2011)Edit

When first beginning to hang around in the stinking cesspool of  CT60, he was a noob. Quite a large one, at that. In fact, I think everyone hated his guts, at some level. But then, he met Sir DJ (formerly djhappy), and he basicaslly councelled him to join the good side! And on that day, he renounced his position as secondary noob, LeafUmbreon being the first, and counted with all of his new found friends (and those other guys), until one day he got bored and deleted some of his posts so his could be a noob again... But I digress.

The Good Old Days (Late 2011-Early 2012)Edit

Finch. began making many friends on the thread, and soon became everyone's favourite, despite his eccentric sense of... Everything. He always had something to say, until he grew a sense of shame, and then he stayed quiet, mostly. He was renowned for his general charm, and, usually being the youngest, was the 'darling' of the group... Except some people still found him annoying. Sometimes. Maybe. Eventually, things started growing dull, and it felt to him like CT60 was a grind, so he started hanging out on people's profiles, primarily. He still visited, sometimes.

He was quite an idealist then, back before... *Coughs* and was quite 'giddy' at times, even. That part of him is dead now. 

Current Age (2013)Edit

In this day and time, Finch. is quite confused about his place in CT60, so I-ahem-he, has nothing to say about this time in Counting History.


Finch. was always the weird one, I must say, so, when he, I mean, I, I mean... Crap... When find the time, I will post some of my old posts here.