303 mawile

The avatar that shall never be replaced.

EzzPeon evolves from Jocelyn at level 12. Posts at CT60 relatively often but gets ninja'd every single time. Because of this she claims that "there's an inner ninja in every poster." 

Has been dreaming of posting the ultimate palindrome since 2011 but dies a little inside with every failure. And because this happens often, it's a miracle EzzPeon is still alive. Actually, that's not even confirmed...

Introduced to the thread by Toobworm but she refuses to call him by his new changed username. 

How do you recognize an EzzPeonEdit

  • EzzPeon has the social skills of the average carpet, though it's not as bad while hiding behind a username.
  • Has the amazing ability to fail at anything.
  • Often posts the number directly after a palindrome and complains about it.
  • Is somehow always awake.
  • Randomly disappears sometimes.
    Fly Swatter

    vs. Moths.


  • Forum ninjas
  • Can also easily be KO'd by continuously showing her the Booger Cat gif.