Otherwise known as Ephraim even though that's not my real name.

Warnings and InfractionsEdit

Exegguturd lost his warning virginity on the afternoon of 12/17/2013 when BobandBill said "ololololo" wasn't a good enough reason to negatively rep Canada.

Not long after, few days later, he recieved another warning for spamming, specifically for saying "# # #"

Then, on 1/25/14, Exeggudork recieved an infraction for calling Canada a "Cunt"

And its all Monek_OP's fault for reporting him.

The End


Exeggudork has one child name Alvis who he named in remembrance of WhataNoseBoner
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Alvis' first words.


This page is absolute crap and is in need of helpEdit

agreed Britishlanguage (talk) 03:23, January 10, 2014 (UTC)

Shiny jynx

Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne!


i do what i want

ololololo was too a good enough reason to neg canada

My theme songEdit

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 34- Manster Army

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 34- Manster Army

I like this song.


Below is a list of stupid shit Exeggudork says...

  •  "Your Mother"
  • "101 Dalmations"
  • After ten thousand years in development, i hope it will have been worth the weight."
  • Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne!
  • Is Marth and Roy in this game?
  • And now for our feature presentation
  • Driiiink.
  • Feature Length.

The Seventh Generation PredictionEdit

Inspired by the quote in ToeyJoey's signature, Exeggudork decided to make his own prediction.

"because gen 7 will have exactly 72 pokemon, and show up near March 12, 2017( give or take 1 month)"