A regular visitor of the thread and currently the second highest poster on the thread. Well known for his cheerfullness and hugs... Mostly hugs. He is one of the very few members of the Top Ten who still post frequently.

He loves foxes, and his girlfriend, Codeyokoo.



  • The Bear Hug*

The most well known and most used type of hug. He is the hug whore of the internet, but too socially awkward to give ones in real life. Dracoste uses this type of hug on people he is well familiar with and those which he consider to be his friends. (Or Girlfriend, in Codeyokoo's case.)

  • The Hug

The "neutral" hug. Dracoste use this type of hug either when he is too lazy to type the word "bear" for it, or to relatively new or not well known people.

  • Special attack: E-P-I-C B-E-A-R H-U-G

A hug used on the occasion when a person have been gone for a while and then returned.

  • Rainbow Hug

Not much his own signature hug, he stole it from Codeyokoo.

A surprise hug. Usually only used against other Dutch. Racist bastard.

  • Ninja hug

A surprise hug, much like the glomp, not nationally sensitive.

  • Kyu~!

(Apparently) the Japanese word for the sound that foxes make. He is unable to recall where he heard this for the first time. He thinks he first heard it in an Animé, but he isn't sure about that...


Codeyokoo is Dracoste's girlfriend. At first it was unknown to people that Dracoste and Codeyokoo knew each other IRL. It wasn't until Neferka saw some connections between Dracoste's "Girlfriend" and Codeyokoo's "Boyfriend" that Dracoste and Codeyokoo were boyfriend and girlfriend.