Wrecking Ball


These are people who will stop at nothing to destroy the count, and are the antagonists to the Counts. Mainly newbs and Moth.


Standard really, what more can you expect from them?

Celestial MothEdit

Moth is a traitor, he is always ruining the count by sneaking in random numbers thus tricking the next posters into carying on the wrong count. His main crimes are skipping 10 numbers every time there's a new page and deleting posts to put off the count.

Counts have to be careful when he's around, almost constantly correcting it so no one falls victim, though he likes to strike when there aren't many people (and no Counts) around, and those who are there are pretty gullible - in particular HeroicRein as he's very tired at that time of day and susceptible to his tricks.

It's mainly Joey and Broom who counter him as no one else is around.


BL half-heartedly attempts it once or twice. Never works seeing as Counts are always around when he's on.

WizardTrubbish once tried it a while ago and failed miserably, and was briefly mocked for it.