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Count to 60 Wiki: "it turns out that those boring people who always talked about the number were the true players" Edition

Welcome to the Count To 60 Wiki

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This dolphin doesn't relate to this Wiki, but everyone loves dolphins!
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This is a wiki only for the citizens of the Count to 60 thread on SerebiiForums. Also, this wiki is a secret. Don't tell anyone. Ya know, unless you feel like it.

This is the thread  The thread is also secret, so don't tell anyone, ya know, unless you feel like it.


The thread is now here .

If you don't have a page, it's because everyone makes their own pages. Stop complaining about it in the thread.

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Was it a good idea to close the thread?

The poll was created at 02:51 on February 16, 2014, and so far 12 people voted.

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TV Tropes That Apply to the CT60

CT60 Drinking Game

I'm on top of the page, looking, down on creation...

The Submarine Sandwich



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