Interesting gif.

Codeyokoo was one of the regulars on the 'Count to 60' thread. However, exams were coming up and she had to concentrate on school instead of messing around on the internet searching for stupid gifs of dancing pugs and sneezing cats.

People think she stole her user name from a tv-series called 'Codel lyoko' or some stupid thing like that. But how stupid it may sound, Codeyokoo invented the name earlier because she likes the name 'Codey'. And 'Yokoo' was just some stupid adding to the name. Codeyokoo was first of all her Runescape name. Created a long time ago. She is also known to be a grammar nazi. No one is safe for her grammar hammer.


Codeyokoo is from the Netherlands. No one is really sure what her real name is, or if she's even from this planet. Some people think she was abandoned by unicorns who went away to mars for a holiday, and never picked her up. She has been raised by two 'humans', but they didn't really do a good job.

She has a reputation of making thread that end up in failures, like an art shop or a poem thread. Although she is creative it looks like she makes sprites with smashing her feet on the keyboard of the computer. 

There are two big loves in her life: DJhappy (her Canadian sugar), and pugs. And maybe Dracoste also a little bit. Dracoste and her have been dating since 15-03-2011. Codeyokoo had a signature move but Dracoste seemed to like it and stole it from her. So no more rainbow hugs from Codeyokoo since that day.

Starting summer 2013 she will go to college, so she will be busy again and not available on 

Threads and phrases.Edit

Dracoste and Codeyokoo made an awesome game togheter called Haunted Life: Last resort. But due to personal issues Codeyokoo hasn't been able to upload anything to it, for which she is deeply sorry.

Codeyokoo has the annoying habbit to call people things, like fruits, insects, vegtables, animals, flowers. Almost anything. One of her cathphrases is 'o3o'  which simply means 'I have nothing interesting to say to you people'. 

She also invented the rainbow hug, which Dracoste stole. That bastard. 

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