Swampy why did you make me change my username to this?  Dammit I blame you for all of this Canada shit. I still <3 you but still.

Anyway, Canada is often still referred to as Sling, his previous username which he prefers.  Don't call him Canadia.

He was the best poster in CT60 when Dracoste and Swampy were not around, and the only member with Sex AppealBNator92 will try to deny this, but his opinions are made up shit that nobody should listen to; his idea of sex appeal is Klefki.

650px-Political map of Canada

Dragalge thinks he is the actual country. This is not the case. He is a human.

Previous usernamesEdit

Sling is the only previous username you need to know about because it was the most recent and sucks the least. Sling is also known as Assorted Linebackers for some reason he forgot about completely.

Canada is his current username, but to prevent confusion with the country and with the #spp chat member (yeah, there are two Canadas) he prefers to be called Sling, as stated above.

If you ever posted in the counting threads, Sling is probably cooler than youEdit

He's not really the worst, like the article previously said as a joke.  Seriously he's better than the good posters there even.  Sadly this massive popularity invites wannabes who are new to try to be the second him.

Canada on the wikiEdit

Since August 2013 when Sling first joined this wiki, he has had three accounts here, all with terrible usernames.  Ice Town is the account he uses now, and probably the only one he will ever use again.

loljk he still uses all of them


Sling married Swampy, Auaria, and a lot of dudes he forgot about.  He's trying to divorce everyone atm because this marriage shit makes us sound like little girls and it stopped being funny a long time ago.  By long time ago, I mean around the time Sling turned 18.


He's a hypocrite because he likes to ban people for things that he is guilty of himself ("Banned for existing").


He does not like CT100 or the children who hijacked CT100 in 2013/2014. They don't like him either despite him being a better poster than all of them put together.

This article's previous formEdit

It was basically full of shit about Sling being a terrible poster and a forgetful motherfucker who can't remember who he's friends with.  He put it here (with atrocious puntcuation) as a joke, and an admin added it to the "Articles That Are Perfect" category, which when translated actually means "Shitty Articles".  Since then he has finally become bored enough to change it to a somewhat decent article, and remove it from that atrocious  category.

Sadly, people still found the old article hilarious and YFU often copy/pastes it.


He was permabanned from sppf in early 2015. r.i.p sling's account.

Wiki lurkerEdit

He still lurks the wiki sometimes despite nobody coming here anymore. He is currently making edits to a bunch of pages. Some of them not even necessary. Sorry for defacing your page, HR. Chikorita still sucks <3