Canada was an obnoxious tryhard who tried to turn every post into a meme. He also ruined the rep system, by pointing out glitches and now I can't stroke my epeen by getting reputation points from my friends in misc. Who even names themself after their home country? Canada isn't even a real place.

650px-Political map of Canada

Dragalge thinks he is the actual country. This is not the case. He is a human.

Previous usernamesEdit

Who cares?

He got rekt in 2015Edit

His ban message was something like "You've just another and already blew it". I have no idea what the hell that means, but he was never seen again

Canada on the wikiEdit

Since August 2013 when Sling first joined this wiki, he has had three accounts here, all with terrible usernames.  Ice Town is the account he uses now, and probably the only one he will ever use again.

loljk he still uses all of them


Sling is against marriage. Getting married and having children will fucking ruin your life. Don't do it




He does not like what became of CT100 in late 2013. The dipshits that posted there don't like him either despite him being a better poster than all of them put together.

Wiki lurkerEdit

He still lurks the wiki sometimes despite nobody coming here anymore. He is currently making edits to a bunch of pages. Some of them not even necessary. Sorry for defacing your page, HR. Chikorita still sucks <3