The CT60 Drinking Game was invented by Sling.

How to PlayEdit

- Drink everytime WizardTrubbish gets ninja'd.

- Drink everytime ToeyJoey is overly friendly.

- Drink everytime thirty-six says something comical while restarting the count.

- Drink everytime Sling whines about the thread being lame.

- Drink everytime Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius says happy birthday to an inactive user. Drink twice if someone attempts to ninja him in doing so.

- Drink whenever Sling insults Auaria and vice versa.

- Drink everytime Swamp insults DK and vice versa.

- Drink everytime Fatal makes an alt. Drink twice if he comes to CT60 right away and thrice if someone still calls him Rilla.

- Drink everytime SlenderMan0 gets banned.

- Drink if someone complains about SlenderMan0 being annoying.

- Perform a beetlejuice (the word is Serperior) everytime DK repeats an annoying phrase.*

- Drink whenever Yveltal96 calls someone an *******.

- Drink everytime someone posts a smiley.

- Drink whenever people post only numbers. Drink twice if this bothers Sling.

- Drink when WizardTrubbish brings up politics.

- Drink whenever someone gets pissed at WizardTrubbish talking about politics.

- Drink everytime YourPermanentRecord631 repeats someone's usertitle.

- Drink whenever PR posts in the thread.

- Drink everytime someone intentionally stays under 20 posts just so they can restart the count.

- Drink when somebody deletes a post so they get the top of the page. Perform a Beetlejuice (the word is creation) everytime someone gives the "top of the page" line.*

- Drink when the discussion becomes sexual.

- Drink whenever somebody says "palindrome". Regardless of context.

- Drink whenever DK spams to the list.

- Drink whenever Yveltal96 adds an unneeded number to the count.

And most importantly,

- Drink everytime the drinking game is brought up.<

  • Beetlejuice: One must do three shots (or take three really big drinks) in quick succession. Shouting the chosen word after each shot.

Ex: *shot* WORD!

  • shot* WORD!
  • shot* WORD!

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