Odds are that he doesn't carry these.

Felt like I should write about this, check it out yourself at Broom's Breeding Centre.

What it isEdit

It's my spreadsheet containing info on all DW Pokémon which have been legitimately released. It has my stocklist on (which I give away for free), my orders page so I (and everyone else) can see what I have to breed, my completed orders page which people have to collect and of course my rules - which no one ever reads might I add.

What's availableEdit

I can do any Pokémon with any released ability, nature, IVs (within reason), compatible egg moves and nicknames - usually pretty quick when not interrupted - all without hacking, cloning or RNG.

It's a pretty good deal, I'll do up to 8 Pokémon for 1 DWMale exclusive/DWGenderless/Shiny Pokémon.