Broom 2018
They told me I needed a page.



He's been... Training... Get it?

I joined back in June 2012, but that was just so I could get a couple of mons evolved through trading. Didn't actually become active until I got injured in December and had nothing else to do with all my spare time (did I mention I'm a runner?)

Since then I've been posting mainly on the CT60 thread - taken a few weeks out here and there but pretty consistent really.

What I doEdit

I'm a breeder through and through - been breeding myself a competitive team on and off since February and I've still only got three good enough for my standards.

Here's my Breeding Centre which has info on all DW Pokémon and has everything I need to do/have done breeding wise on it. Its pretty good - giving away anything from my stock of DWFs btw.

I'm also The Sweeper, but you're not meant to know that.

Random thing, doesn't fit into another sectionEdit

I'm sorry Swampy, but I don't know the Alien life cycle.

Bye BroomEdit


Broom 2016. Fuck yeah.

I have a few combos named after me - notably 'Bye Broom' or 'Broom 2016' which has also been 'Broom 2018' and 'Broom 2015' more recently based on the fact that apparently I'm competing at Rio 2016 (I'm not by the way) namely by DK and Joey.

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