Pokemon fanart

He's a famed fanartist.

BritishLanguage (known as WhatANoseBone after the shitty name change) is the Pagan goddess of fertility who posts in CT60 when he isn't taking 30 minute breaks, and is an all-around pretty cool guy. He also fights crime with ToeyJoey.

He was previously banned because he's too damn stupid, and he got previously banned AGAIN for an alt he didn't make, and then he got banned for summarizing the ice cream scene from Boku no Pico.  Whenever he IS banned, he's always on the Wiki. Can't get enough of this goddamn thread.

He is an apostate to the Church of Goomy. He might have been hanged for that, we don't know.

Name Change

oh fuck not this again

About him and his bathing habits

Son i am disappoint

Our reaction to his bans.

He hates any mention of Walter Mondale and will likely leave if you say his name enough.

He does not have an page which would be good in theory, but all of the questions are stupid ones by DK or WT.

He lives in a sixth dimension version of Minnesota.