Add Image Porn? Don't get her started...

Acquiescence is a newb that not many CT60 patrons know about. This is probably to change...

Some info about meEdit

My name is Acquiescence and I'm a member of Serebii Forums.

I am back at Serebii and can be found lurking around the Miscellaneous Section. I also enjoy talking to my friends there via PM and VM.

And I have made a promise to myself never to be banned anywhere ever again. So there.

what did this gal do and why do we careEdit

She posted some porn, and she got 70 infraction points for it. This demonstrates the unfairly good punishment towards BL, and yet MORE evidence that Skiyomi is guilty of treason.

The WikiEdit

She is in a bit of hot water with people at this very wiki, as she is banned. This event may or may not have been started just because BritishLanguage enjoys being an asshole.

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