"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Edit

- George Santayana

Nobody cares

Our typical reaction to reaching 60.

60 is the goal. We're trying to count to it. If a newb stops us, everybody cries. Although if some guy with 20 posts comes along and has never reached 60, he gets excited for no reason. Thanks to the thread's recent name change, 60 is now the goal of the thread again, and still absolutely deserves its own page.

60 is the best number.

New relevance of 60 Edit

Due to the update of SPPF causing post counts to be hidden, we now have ghosts reset the count, so on certain numbers, a member dies and becomes a ghost. 60 is one of these numbers. You also can't be cleansed if you became a ghost at 60, so fuck you I guess. We still win the game at 60 anyway.